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Bill Harlan

The graphic above illustrates current and proposed experiments at the Sanford Underground Research Facility. Here?s a rundown of three operating laboratories and four proposed sites, beginning on the left side of the graphic with the two experiments in the Davis Campus at the 4850 Level:

  • The Large Underground Xenon experiment has been installed in its protective water tank, which could be filled as early as this month.
  • Majorana Demonstrator researchers are machining the ultra-pure copper they?ll use to build their neutrinoless double-beta decay experiment.
  • The ?multi-functional lab module? is a proposal, as is FAARM, which stands for the Facility for Acquisition and Assay of Radiopure Materials.
  • The Temporary Clean Room, opened last year, is where the Majorana collaboration has been electroforming their ultra-pure copper.
  • The low-background counting facility near the Ross Shaft is a proposal.
  • The proposed Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) is shown in two locations. One option is a surface laboratory in Kirk Gulch; the other option is a lab on the 4850 Level.
  • DIANA, the Dual Ion Accelerator for Nuclear Astrophysics, is an experiment proposed for the 3950 Level.