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Operating a research facility nearly a mile underground requires personnel with a wide range of skills, ranging from technicians and administrative personnel to engineers and research scientists. Sanford Underground Research Facility is an equal opportunity employer that offers competitive compensation and benefits.

Sanford Underground Research Facility employs:

  • Infrastructure and facilities technicians, with a variety of construction and maintenance skills
  • Administrators working in finance, procurement, accounting, human resources and other areas
  • Environment, health and safety professionals
  • Engineers, including mining, mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Water treatment plant operators
  • Custodial workers, on the surface and underground
  • Communications personnel
  • Security personnel
  • Project managers
  • Hoist operators
  • Electricians
  • Scientists, including geologists, physicists and others

Open positions are listed below and to the right.

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Engineering Associate Technician

Open until filled.
The Engineering Associate Technician at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (Sanford Lab) will work with Engineering, Science, Underground Access, Facility Infrastructure Departments, and off-site Research Collaborations to facilitate assembly, commissioning, and operation of research experimental equipment. The position reports to the Engineering Director and may involve working in a variety of disciplines and job sites in surface facilities and underground laboratories.

Facilities Technician

Closes on September 9, 2016

Position Summary

The Facilities Technician provides skilled and semi-skilled facility and property maintenance work in a variety of areas including underground and surface: hoists, pumps, rigging, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, construction, HVAC, equipment maintenance, facility and grounds keeping.