Annual Meeting 

We encourage you to attend the DURA annual meeting March 5, 2013 at SLAC. Details and registeration can be found by following the link on the left.


Membership Voting 

Thank to the large number of members who voted in the January 2013 election. We welcome Bill Roggenthen, Jason Detwiler and Peter Sorensen who will be working on your behalf, with other members of the executive.



The Deep Underground Research Association (DURA) provides an organized framework for the interaction between those who use the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) for their research and SURF management, as well as to provide a channel for communication with other Underground Research Laboratories and on suitable occasions, with the federal agencies. Normally DURA holds one membership meeting per year. In January 2012, DURA held its two-day annual meeting at Fermilab. The meeting was attended by over 50 people on site and another 70 persons joined simultaneously via the live video feeds. The meeting was addressed by senior agency representatives from DOE and NSF, senior underground laboratory representatives, and also included a live broadcast from members of multiple collaborations performing experiments underground at the SURF.

The DURA Executive Committee (DUREC) is elected by the membership. The DUREC shall consist of nine individuals including the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Past-Chairperson, the Secretary, and five additional members. The DUREC  shall comprise at least one (1) early career or young researcher (less than 5 years post-Ph.D.), at least two (2) representatives of  the physics community, at least two (2) representatives of the biology-geoscience-engineering community, and with no more than two (2) representatives from a single experimental collaboration. The terms of office of members of the DUREC shall be three (3) years, except for officers, who shall be elected by the DUREC from its membership.  The DUREC shall strive to maintain representation that reflects the diverse research, education, and outreach opportunities at SURF.