As a Sanford Underground Research Facility (Sanford Lab) user, you are required to notify both the Sanford Lab and your host staff of all published material (including conference proceedings) related to research carried out in whole or part at Sanford Lab.

Please complete the Publication Submission Form to begin the review process.

Acknowledgment statement for publications

Appropriate acknowledgments of the resources provided by the Sanford Lab, affiliated institutions and the funding agencies must be included in all published reports of work conducted at the Sanford Lab. Please refer to our Publication Policy for sample credit lines.  

After the work is published:

After approval and final publication, an electronic copy of the publication must be sent to the Publication Review Committee (PRC) administrator within seven (7) calendar days of publication. The Facility will maintain a database (SURFpub) of all publications, papers, posters, and presentations that are based on research completed in whole, or in part, at the Facility.

Your Work in the Media

Effective communication about the important research you are doing at Sanford Lab can help secure future support for the facility and for research groups working here. News stories based on press releases can communicate to broad audiences around the nation and the world. To be most effective, news releases should note support received from Sanford Lab and from funding agencies. (Funding agencies often require such acknowledgments of support.)

We encourage you to discuss your research at the Sanford Lab with the public affairs office or communications department at your home institution. The Sanford Lab Communications Department can help you prepare and distribute press releases. That assistance can include photos, graphics and background information.

Please notify the Sanford Lab Communications Director of impending press releases regarding your research at the facility. Contact Communications Director Connie Walter or at 605-722-4025. Contact PRC Administrator Mandy Knight or at 605-722-4022 for any other questions.