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How do accelerators work?

November 1, 2015

Researchers working on the Compact Accelerator System for Performing Astrophysical Research (CASPAR) will begin studying the processes in stars that create the heavier elements in the universe,. Using a low-energy accelerator on the 4850 Level, they’ll fire a beam of particles at various targets, including a particular type of neon gas (22Ne) as a way to better understand how all of that works. 

Shields are like onions

November 2, 2015

In the movie “Shrek,” the title character tells Donkey, “Ogres are like onions!… They have layers.” Vince Guiseppe uses the same analogy to describe the Majorana Demonstrator shield. 

Since 2011, Guiseppe, Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of South Carolina, has been overseeing the construction of Majorana’s six-layered shield. In September, they began work on the final, and most pivotal layer: the electroformed copper shield, or as Guiseppe calls it, “The innermost part of the onion.”

On the right safety track

October 2, 2015

At the end of September, Sanford Lab celebrated yet another milestone: a full year with no workplace-related injuries. Executive Director Mike Headley attributed this to a “culture of safety” that focuses on three things: the ability for workers at all levels to stop work if they encounter a situation they believe is unsafe, an emphasis on job hazard analyses (JHAs) and the development of strong work plans. 

The more I learn…

October 1, 2015

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”—Michel Legrand, musical composer. 

Last week I attended the InterActions Collaboration of Particle Physics Communicators meeting at Brookhaven National Laboratory, where I gave a presentation about Sanford Lab’s education and outreach efforts. I was honored to represent Sanford Lab and excited about the opportunity to learn from communicators.