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Building on core knowledge

March 1, 2017

Long before Sanford Lab became the home to huge physics experiments, it was the Homestake Mine. Over its 126-year history, Homestake delved deeper and deeper to extract precious minerals. Eventually, Homestake’s footprint extended 8,000 feet below the surface and included a maze of tunnels, ramps and shafts that, if laid end to end, would measure nearly 370 miles—about the distance from Lead to Sioux Falls. 

Last, but not least, the poly shield

March 1, 2017

For nearly seven years, the Majorana Demonstrator Project’s “shield team” has been building the six-layered shield that surrounds the experiment on the 4850 Level. In early March, they placed the last piece of polyethylene on the outermost layer of the shield. 

“I’m proud of what the team has produced,” said Vince Guiseppe, assistant professor of physics at the University of South Carolina. “This was a complicated project. Every layer was added at the right time and fit perfectly.”

Mentors, students learn from competition

March 1, 2017

Middle school students from Spearfish and Belle Fourche spent weeks designing, building and programming robots using LEGO Mindstorm kits for a robotics competition. They developed, altered and tested the course the robots would travel. On the day of the competition, they waved enthusiastically as their mentors, all students from Black Hills State University, took the robots nearly a mile underground to the 4850 Level where the competition took place.