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Impact and History

Economic impact

The science at Sanford Lab has a tremendous economic impact throughout the region and the State of South Dakota.
Economic Impact graphic

The Sanford Underground Research Facility’s overall impact on South Dakota’s economy totals more than $185 million in spending to date and includes a $23 million total annual budget. Sanford Lab employs 129 full-time employees and has created a total of 163 jobs in South Dakota.

In 2016, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, commissioned a study to determine the economic impacts the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility and Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (LBNF/DUNE) will have on the economies of South Dakota and Illinois. 

The study found that the total economic output in South Dakota, alone, could reach $952 million and create approximately 1,800 jobs at the peak of construction operations. 

Funding from the Department of Energy subsidizes the facility’s operations, further bolstering South Dakota’s economy.

Operation of the Sanford Lab supports 163 jobs in South Dakota

Annual payroll of Sanford Lab Employees

South Dakota Economic Impact
Zip Code Range Vendors Paid Salaries Paid Grand Total
570_ $297,700 $218,303 $516,003
571_ $3,749,279 $633,512 $4,382,791
573_ $260,252 $3,975 $260,252
574_ $714,911 $161,791 $553,120
575_ $8,524,818 $232,382 $8,757,200
576_ $664 $235,507 $236,171
577_ $90,713,063 $65,428,405 $156,141,468