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Science and Discovery

Scientists at work underground

Going deep for science

Deep underground, far from the reach of cosmic rays, scientists are working on experiments that may answer fundamental questions about how the universe was formed.
Dark matter universe visualization

Searching for dark matter

Most of the mass of the universe is missing. Where is it and how do we know it exists? Scientists at Sanford lab think WIMPs could be the answer.
Collecting biology samples underground

Life underground

Understanding how organisms survive in extreme conditions, could give us insight into life on other planets, lead to new fuel sources or find new antibiotics.
Neutrino beam

Unlocking the mysteries of neutrinos

This ghostly particle could answer a lot of questions about the universe, including how the universe was formed and why we exist.
Scientists study fusion underground

Mimicking the nuclear fusion of stars

The nuclear fusion that occurs inside stars creates all the elements necessary for life and scientists at Sanford Lab want to understand how it happens.
Looking down a bore hole.

Characterizing the earth

We know this rock well. Homestake's 126 years of geological study laid the groundwork for Sanford Lab engineers to design safe caverns to house big physics experiments.