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SURF Foundation

The SURF Foundation invites support for the advancement of underground science and its global impacts. Keeping with its mission, SURF develops resources to inspire future scientists, translates discovery to community audiences, creates spaces for collaboration and is now developing the Institute for Underground Science at SURF. The SURF Foundation fosters relationships to support these activities and provides opportunities for public contributions.

The SURF Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Through the Foundation, you can make your impact on the future – a future that is being studied and created right now. Any gift you make will be directly applied to the advancement of STEM, supporting research and curious minds.

Click here to make your contribution to the advancement of world-class science and inspiration for learning.

SURF Foundation Staff and Board of Directors

Staci Miller
SURF Foundation Director
(605) 571-2303

Mike Headley
SDSTA Executive Director
(605) 722-4060

Natasha Wheeler
SDSTA & SURF Foundation Administrative Assistant
(605) 722-4059

Board of Directors

  • Dana Dykhouse—SURF Foundation Board Chairperson, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Fred Romkema—SURF Foundation Vice Chairperson, Spearfish, SD
  • Beth Massa—SURF Foundation Secretary/Treasurer, Rapid City, SD
  • Casey Peterson—SURF Foundation Board Member - Ex-Officio, Rapid City, SD
  • Bob Wilson—SURF Foundation Board Member, Fort Collins, CO
  • Aurelia S. Giacometto—SURF Foundation Board Member, Washington, DC
  • Barbara Szczerbinska—SURF Foundation Board Member, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Chris Fall—SURF Foundation Board Member, Arlington, VA
  • Julie Olson—SURF Foundation Board Member, Spearfish, SD
  • Linn Evans—SURF Foundation Board Member, Rapid City, SD

Please contact us at (605) 571-2303 if you wish to speak to a volunteer board member.


Additional Information

SURF Foundation FAQ

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